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Beach and Waterway Cleanups

ECO SWIM does not just talk the talk, we walk the walk. And that’s why we regularly get our hands dirty by conducting beach and waterways cleanups in areas of need. Cleanups help the environment and give participants a better understanding of the problems associated with water and ocean pollution.

In 2012, ECO SWIM and our retail partners removed over 6,600 lb.s of trash from our nation’s oceans and waterways. Great job to our volunteers and special thanks to United by Blue!

Stay tuned to see where you can help in 2013.

Dillards and ECO SWIM Remove 923 Lbs. of Trash

Where: Arkansas River, Murray Park Little Rock AR

When: June 23rd

We had an absolutely amazing day, breaking the record for any of our retailer co-hosted cleanups! ECO SWIM by AQUA GREEN, United by Blue and Dillards employees were joined by local organizations such as Keep Little Rock Beautiful, and Girl Scouts. Together we picked up 923 pounds of trash! Volunteers searched far and wide, sifting through the bushes and tall grass to find hidden and forgotten trash. Rockstars from Keep Little Rock Beautiful even had their boats on the river and cleaned up hundreds of pounds of trash from the unreachable banks.

The Arkansas River is the sixth longest river in the US and often times is washed with trash when the waters rise from flooding. The Murray Park Official said that he has too many acres and not enough volunteers to keep the parks completely clean.

The cleanup caught the attention of local media and ECO SWIM by AQUA GREEN was interviewed by KARK Channel 4 and KATV Channel 7.

We have to send a huge thank you to all the volunteers and especially to Dillards. We were honored to help you cleanup your own backyard.

Dillards and ECO SWIM Remove 276 Lbs. of Trash

Where: Ben T. Davis Beach Tampa, FL

When: June 9, 2012

ECO SWIM co-hosted a beach cleanup with one of the best known names in retail, Dillards department store in Tampa, FL. Despite looming dark cloudy and buckets of rain the day before, it was a hot, beautiful day. The Ben T. Davis beach was absolutely littered with trash not immediately visible from far away. Small plastic pieces like water bottle caps were heavily intertwined within the grass and seaweed and were also deeply buried in the sand.

The handful of very dedicated volunteers from the Tampa bay area and employees from Dillards spend hours sifting to pick up this deadly trash. Many volunteers were wading through the water to pick up trash still in the ocean. We were able to pick up 276 lbs. of trash, cleaning a beach and park that desperately needed it. During the cleanup we witnessed manatee, porpoise, birds, lizards, and fish that could easily mistake the trash for food. Tampa is a highly visited and gorgeous area but it’s clear that people need to pay more attention to what they are leaving behind at the beach. After a while continuing down this road, Tampa will not have the same beautiful beaches or diverse wildlife to enjoy.

ECO SWIM is proud to partner with Dillards, one of the largest chain of department stores in the USA, as we start a journey together in offering sustainable apparel and social responsibility. Dillards has over 300 stores in 29 states and for over 70 years has offered the best in quality products. Started as a grassroots family store in Texas, Dillards also emphasizes one of ECO SWIM’s key philosophies of creating a better world for future generations. Not only is Dillards adding more sustainable products to their floor but Dillards is pushing the larger corporate world into better sustainability reporting.

Lundrigans and ECO SWIM Remove 115 Lb.s of Trash

Where: Leech Lake, Walker, MN

When: May 25th, 2012

Eco Swim is proud to sell swimsuit to retailers of all sizes. Lundrigans is a 75 year old store in downtown Walker Minnesota. Lundrigans went beyond selling our eco-friendly swimsuit collection ECO SWIM in their store and agreed to co-host a beach cleanup with us. They have been a huge support in ECO SWIM’s first year up and running! The cleanup was one way that Lundrigans regularly gives back and showcases their special connection with their community.

This cleanup was held in conjunction with Walker Hackensack Ackley Elementary School’s 4th grade class! Mike, the Director of Cleanups at United by Blue, said this was one of the most rewarding cleanups he has ever done. He said, “The 4th graders were so excited to help and they absorbed all of the information about the causes and effects of ocean pollution.”

Over 60 volunteers including the three 4th grade classes enthusiastically picked up just over 115 lbs. of trash. The children had a great time playing games and, they really felt the positive effects of their cleanup. Mike said, “It may not have been our biggest in terms of pounds or volunteers, but in terms of impact, this cleanup was really up there!” See what the kids had to say!

ECO SWIM Removes 1,822 Lb.s of Trash at 2nd Annual Cleanup

Where: Easton, PA

When: May 26, 2012

Over Memorial Day Weekend, employees from AQUA GREEN’s headquarters in Easton, PA, cleaned up the Delaware River just a few short minutes from the AQUA GREEN factory. They were able to pick up almost 2 thousand pounds of trash! Last year over 100 AQUA GREEN employees and their family members removed 2,563 pounds of trash from the Delaware River.

AQUA GREEN local company cleanups have turned into nation-wide partnered cleanups with retailers like Nordstrom, Dillards, Lundrigans and Belk Department stores. So far we have cleaned up over 5,000 pounds of trash! AQUA GREEN has realized that our stance on sustainability marries well with that of our retail partners. Together we can offer the public a more sustainable alternative in swimwear and also clean up the environment in which we all use them.

Nordstrom & ECO SWIM by AQUA GREEN Remove 246 Lbs. of Trash

Where: Lake Washington, Coleman Park, Seattle, WA

When: May 19th 2012

ECO SWIM partnered with Nordstrom in Seattle! 53 Volunteers from Nordstrom ECO SWIM, United by Blue and the Seattle are came to Lake Washington on a beautiful day and picked up 246 pounds of trash! A total of 158 recyclables were removed from the park and shore.

Nordstrom, one of the bigger names in retail, is committed to providing sustainable clothing on their racks whenever possible. A huge supporter of organic cotton and other environmentally-friendly fibers like our recycled polyester, Nordstrom’s goal is to increase the amount of eco-friendly products on their floor. Nordstrom offers a variety of eco friendly options to their customers such as ECO SWIM by AQUA GREEN so they can support responsible industries and foster healthy communities. As options like ECO SWIM hit the market, Nordstrom can be confident in offering their customers a new product because it looks, feels and fits like the older non eco-friendly brands so people can be attracted to the brands not only for their additional environmental benefits but for the fashion above all us.


Belk & ECO SWIM by AQUA GREEN Remove 72 Lbs. of Trash

Where: Myrtle Beach, SC

When: April 21, 2012

Three amazing companies came together in honor of Earth Day. To kick off our clean up season ECO SWIM teamed with Belk as part of their in store sustainability initiative to sweep Myrtle Beach. Belk asked customers and community partners alike to come together to clean up the 9th Avenue Beach in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Despite some cloudy weather at the end, 52 Volunteers came to the beach with sunny attitudes and cleaned up 71 pounds of trash! We had volunteers from Belk, local Starbucks (who provided the coffee- thank you!) and standup citizens and volunteer organization that felt connected to our cause. Even though the location is raked and maintained by beach staff almost every day, we were still able to pick up a significant amount of trash in only a couple of hours. This just goes to show that even clean looking beaches with the lucky fortune of regular staff maintenance can always use some work. Small pieces of plastic and garbage that end up on our beaches and in our oceans are just as deadly as large pieces (and they make the task of cleaning them up more tedious!).

We thank everyone who came out to the Belk and ECO SWIM by AQUA GREEN clean up. What better way to celebrate Earth Day than actually being out in nature cleaning up the Earth? To view photos, see our album here!

ECO SWIM by AQUA GREEN and UBB Remove 615 Lbs. of Trash

Where: Neshaminy State Park, Bensalem, PA

When: June 18, 2011

ECO SWIM BY AQUA GREEN and UBB volunteers removed 615 pounds of trash from the Delaware River on Saturday, June 18th. Neshaminy is a beautiful 339 acre park and is a popular destination for boating, swimming, hiking and picnicking for thousands of users each year.

We found some usual and not so usual items at this cleanup: 565 plastic bottles, 71 aluminum cans, 36 glass bottles, 4 tires, 2 lawn chairs, a bag of live fish, construction debris including lots of wood, a huge orange construction cylinder and a full canister of liquid petroleum. One of the park rangers informed us that we could return to that same site every week and find the same amount of trash. Some of the trash gets there through littering, but the majority is swept downstream from households during bad storms.

ECO SWIM by AQUA GREEN and UBB Remove 2,563 Lbs. of Trash

Where: Mainstream Swimsuits, Deleware River, Easton, PA

When: May 28th 2011

On a beautiful Memorial Day Saturday, over 100 ECO SWIM BY AQUA GREEN employees traded their aprons and grilling tongs for gloves, litter, and trash bags. This cleanup started at the ECO SWIM Factory in Easton, PA and a caravan of employees crossed over the Delaware to clean up the banks in Phillipsburg, NJ.

This cleanup was a ton of fun and record-breaking. ECO SWIM BY AQUA GREEN employees removed 2,563 pounds of trash from the banks. Even though we didn’t collect a record amount of bags, we collected a ton of trash.

Volunteers found a number of interesting items during this cleanup including clothing, an oil lamp, a porcelain doll with no legs or head, a bone, car keys (I guess someone had to walk home), a shopping cart, an old school dell keyboard, 8 tires and lots of scrap metal.





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