Ways To Recycle Your Swimsuit

From Water Bottle…. to Swimsuit…. to High Fashion Dress

Can you believe it? This beautiful dress is made from recycled swimsuits!

From Somewhere

Swimsuits are notoriously tricky to recycle because of the spandex content of the suits however, there are tons of ways to reuse the material. It’s all about getting creative!

  • Give it to your kids for dress up or make a costume out of it
  • Make a quilt use it for quilt filler
  • Cut big squares and use them for washcloths/mitts to wash your car
  • Cut and sew long strips to make headbands
  • Make small shapes and fill with eco-friendly filler, like birdseed, to make a bean bag game for your kids
  • Turn it into a waterproof handbag for the beach, a barbeque, or a picnic

From Somewhere, a sustainable apparel line that supports recycling has found a way to upcycle Speedo swimsuits into unique and gorgeous fashion pieces. “It’s about the environment and preserving water, which should be a priority for all humankind,” said dress designer Orsola de Castro.

It’s a challenge for designers to make clothing with the smallest carbon footprint possible. Designers can add another layer of recycling and save even more water by making dresses from swimsuits made with recycled water bottles like ECO SWIM by AQUA GREEN.


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